Friday, November 8, 2013

any given Sunday...

I received these pictures this week from one of our amazing teachers in our Preschool/Kindergarten class. It's just a wonderful reminder of some of the incredible things that are going on around our church on any given Sunday morning. Teachers preparing rooms that will facilitate children learning about the love of God, numerous kids excitedly running down the hall trying to get to class faster and parents checking their kids in with confidence that their children will be poured by adults and teens that are invested in their kid's lives way beyond that next 2 hours.
It's fascinating.
It's vital.
It's making a difference.
So although these pictures are just a small snapshot of what goes on every Sunday, they remind us that God is allowing each of us to be a part of raising up a generation that loves Him deeply. What is a bigger calling than that?
(thanks Michelle R. for the pictures... and for loving our kids like Christ loves them!)

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