Thursday, September 19, 2013

We might not be in South Africa, but we can still change the world.

I LOVE talking to our kids about missions. It's so much fun to see their eyes opening to a world beyond our front door, and how they can consistently shine the light of Jesus wherever they go. Here are some resources to engage your kids in the world God has created that is so desperate for Him.

Also, please keep our South Africa team in your prayers this upcoming week as they travel into the adventure God has planned for them to reach kids that need to know the love of Christ.

Mission songs for kids that I'm loving right now:

Mission APPS for kids that I'm loving right now...

View The Story APP
 Check out THE STORY, told for kids to understand.

Jesus Film APP
 You can get The Jesus Film in any language, no matter where you are.
They also have The Story of Jesus for children.

JP Unreached APP
This APP gives you a specific group of unreached people to pray for.

Resources to help give a mission-mindset that I'm loving right now....

Growing Up Wild
by Wild Brother Productions

Children's Atlas of God's World
by Craig Froman

The Mission-Minded Family
by Ann Dunagan