Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Break!

School is ending and summer is FINALLY HERE!!!

We have found some great resources to make the most of summer break. These resources are FUN things to do as a family this summer with purpose!

1. First and Foremost....Take time to rest! You and your kids deserve it after a long school year. 

2. Thriving family puts out a FREE activity calendar every summer (remember last year's around the world calendar - click here). This year, they have a detective kit where you decipher clues, crack codes, participate in fun family activities and solve 21 "Who am I?" Bible mysteries. Click here to download. SO EXCITING!! (that link also has previous years calendars if you are looking for something else!!)

3. Remember to sign up for  B&N Reading Journal Program or PBK Reading Challenge! Have your child read through the Jesus Story Book or other books that help your child learn who Jesus is! Bring in the journals to the appropriate store to receive a free book!

4. Make a purposeful summer bucket list....we have one on our blog but also check out Compassion International's Make Summer Count List or Missional Women's 25 Summer Missional Activities for kids. Remember to have the kids journal their activities!

5. Feel free to comment to share any other ideas you have for purposeful summer pointing our kids towards Jesus!