Monday, October 28, 2013

The Frenzy 2013

Family Ministries is so pleased that Fall Frenzy 2013 was another successful event!!
Over 200 people from our church, our daycare and our neighborhood came together this Sunday for a fall fest that put us in a fun frenzy :)
Everyone came in their best costumes
We had a pumpkin patch
and pumpkin painting

a photo booth....view your pictures HERE!
 A velcro wall
Bounce House

with obstacles :)
a hay ride
yummy fall food
 balloon animals!!

which always had the longest line!!

face painting, temporary tatoos and hair dye!!
 and other events....jenga building blocks, candy guessing jars, candy in a haystack, bowling, spider web, and many other gems :)
 and of course....every kid got to go home with a BIG bag of candy!!!!
 Look back at previous Fall Frenzy events HERE!!

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