Thursday, August 29, 2013

back-2-school... KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

Just a couple of resources for those families who have kids heading to the public schools next week. You might have been convinced that prayer & Bibles have been taken out of the public schools, but that is just not true. YOU HAVE RIGHTS TO BRING JESUS WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO! Here is a synopsis of the rights each student has and links to help you out if you run into some opposition.
1.  Students may witness to and pray for their classmates during any student interaction time.
2. Students may read their Bible during school at times when any non-instructional reading is allowed.
3. Students have a right to organize a Bible club in their school. The club should have the same privileges as any other club held at school. The only difference is the teacher sponsoring the club cannot control the meeting. The club may contain any religious activities such as prayer, Bible reading and worship.
4. Students may do speeches, write papers, or do English themes based on Christian topics.
5. Students may use pencils or notebooks that display their faith.
6. Students may wear apparel that promotes their Christian faith.
7. Students may pass out flyers or Christian tracts during non-instructional times.
8. A student may pray before they eat.
9. Christian students may excuse themselves from activities they find objectionable.
10. Graduation speakers can mention their faith and/or read the Bible in their speech.
11. Baccalaureate services may be held in public schools if they are held by private groups.
Here is the link to "Guidance on Constitutionally Protected Prayer in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools" by the US Department of Education.
Here is the link for a short legal analysis prepared by ACLJ attorneys on prayer in schools.
Here is the link to the AFA where your student can order free Bibles to give away at school.

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