Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Notepad

With the kids almost out of school, its a good time to start thinking about summer plans. Maybe you have a lot of fun activities planned like our FM Activities Director Nina (her list). Maybe you want to participate in the Summer Reach List from our FM Director Lori.
Whatever your plans are big or small, a fun and memorable idea is to have your kids journal the events and activities they participate in. 

Buy a notepad for each kid and have them decorate the cover in their own unique way.

Then for your first page, have your child draw a self-portrait of his or herself. Around his or her picture, write his or her name, age and list of favorites things.

At the end of each day, have your kids write or draw a picture of what they did that day. Talk about how they felt during that activity or about what character was learned that day!

For instance, here is a journal entry of our EACH Nautical Mile Event that we did this month. Alina drew a picture of raking leaves. She glued on some extra leaves from outside. We talked about how Jesus is the servant of all and how it was fun being like Jesus and serving others!

I'm looking forward to many other journal entries and conversations!! This also might be a lot of fun to look back on in the future!


lori bunk said...

i LOVE this idea! i have had so much fun seeing the things that isaac draws at school and his perception of the world.... this is even better!

Nina Bunk said...

i love this idea as well!!! especially since maddy loves journalling!! this is such a great idea!

Jaimie said...

I agree...this is great...I would love to do this with my kids!!! Thanks for sharing:)

Jaimie said...

Perfect to take along in the car too!!!

Stefanie said...

What a wonderful idea. My little one is a sucker for a notebook so she'd go gaga for one she designed.