Friday, June 7, 2013

my daily prayer cards.

I am a firm believer in praying scripture.
I can't think of any words that I can come up with that would be more powerful than the Word of the Lord that has already been given to us. I have been really focused on praying scripture over my kids lately and decided to make prayer scripture cards to go through each morning during my prayer time. Some are scriptures that would be great to pray over all children, and then some are specific to things my kids are going through right now.

Pray scriptures relevant to your children.
Pray scriptures that cause your faith to rise.
Pray scriptures that speak life into their future.
Pray scriptures that display the heart of God.

I kept mine pretty rustic, but skies the limit on how fun you can make these. You can keep them by your bedside, by your Bible or even hang them on the wall for the family to see each day. The important part is to use the power of prayer to speak life into your kids!

You might also have the kids come up with their own prayer cards. How fun would it be for them to come up with scriptures that they want to pray over themselves!

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